Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have so many thoughtful blog posts winging around in my head and, it seems, no time to actually write them out.  So, rather than continue along in overwhelmed inaction, I will share with you one of those lists us bloggers like to post now and again.  Here goes!

  • I have figured out it is not actually the arrival of spring that seems to get me down.  I think it may actually be the abrupt transition from winter to spring brought on by the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.  I truly have been loving spring these past few weeks!
  • Would it be motivating or depressing to go from room to room making a list of all the little projects around the house that need tackling?
  • How can I tackle anything extra when I can't even keep up with dishes and laundry?
  • Enough whining already!  My new mantra:  We just have a messy house.
  • "Orderliness is the sign of an untidy mind."
  • I just remembered that from a plaque I read as a kid.  What?!
  • I suddenly realized today why my childhood home always seemed cluttered.  Many of my friends' parents had housekeepers!  Plus that one who was an obsessive neat freak...
  • We (And I mean that loosely.  It was mostly Hubby and the kids.  I was doing dishes.  Which is fine with me.) finally made the most delicious lemon bars with a recipe shared with me by a friend.  This is not an intentional plug for the recipe's author, but geez, these are the best lemon bars ever!
  • We are so lucky to have this huge mutant lemon tree in the front yard.  The landlord's gardeners never prune it.  I know nothing about this kind of stuff, should it be pruned?
  • Why doesn't Andrew just fess up when it is so obvious he has to go potty?  WHY?!
  • I'm SO enjoying running.  I'm still at the walk/run/walk/run/walk phase.  But I run for longer periods all the time.  My goal is to go five miles in an hour and fifteen minutes, walk/run/walk.  That should help me drop the last twenty pounds and fit back into all the cute clothes I bought after being on "the nursing diet," right?  Oh, and I'm getting healthier and stronger, too.  I plan on being a runner into my old age. 
  • We have been getting a bit of rain and it has been positively lovely.
  • Hubby and I have been watching MI-5 lately, starting with the first season in 2002.  We're getting to what looks like will be one of the last episodes with Matthew Macfadyen.  I am going to miss him.
  • Mad Men.  Been watching?  Also, The Big Bang Theory.  Extra funny because Hubby is an engineer.
  • I still need to watch my April films this year.
  • The kitties (whose names are now "Belly" and "Get Down!").  We are getting on quite well these days.  We all love our cats.  After we install doors to the kitchen and successfully go on vacation for two weeks, kitties in tow, everything should be truly peachy. 
  • Crochet.  I'm always working on something.  Right now it is a baby blanket, a bit overdue, for a dear friend.  I started it a few months ago.  Only a few more rounds to go!
Boy, what a list.  Man, it feels good to get that all out.  Though, I could probably, no, definitely write an entire post about each point.  Please feel free to provide answers to any of the above questions in the comments section.

Thank you.


  1. This is such a funny list....

    My husband keeps telling me that our house is "fine" when I am running around like a mad man cleaning. Maybe he's on to something.

    I just joked with my daughter that she will be 25 and I will still know when she has to pee.

  2. I'm sure she's really happy I shared that last part with you too...

  3. You took the cats on vacation?? Really? Oh I can't wait to here about that!